'The DUFF' : Watch Bella Thorne Bully Mae Whitman

The cast explains what motivates its cruelest character

Photo: Everett Collection

In The DUFF, a student dubbed her group’s “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” goes toe to toe with a bully trying to preserve high school stereotypes.

So who’s the new movie’s resident mean girl?

“I’m what’s known as ‘pre-famous,’ ” Madison, played by Bella Thorne, says in a clip exclusive to PEOPLE. “My life is an audition for reality TV.”

Madison seems to think the road to fame is paved with bad intentions, knocking down her classmates’ books, slapping her boyfriend (Robbie Arnell) after a hallway make-out session, generally tormenting protagonist Bianca (Mae Whitman) and even labeling her grandma an annoying “bitch.”

Basically, Regina George has nothing on this queen bee.

“She thinks it’s funny,” Thorne, 17, explains of her character’s cruel jabs. “She thinks it’s cute and that it will get her someplace.”

See how far that spiteful strategy gets her when The DUFF hits theaters Friday.

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