With the Batman film's opening still a week away, fans snap up tickets to see Heath Ledger's final performance

By Ivory Jeff Clinton
Updated July 09, 2008 01:35 PM
Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros.

Planning to see The Dark Knight when it opens July 18? Better get your tickets now.

More than a week before its scheduled opening, the much-anticipated Batman film has already sold out everywhere from New York City to Boise, according to the ticket source Fandango. Theaters report that seats for midnight shows have gone so fast that they must continue to add 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. showtimes.

A Fandango.com poll of more than 3,000 people revealed that 38% plan to take time off from work on the movie s opening day after seeing it in the wee hours.

Christian Bale, reprising his starring role from 2006 s Batman Begins, plays the Caped Crusader, while the late Heath Ledger appears as the archvillain the Joker.

Ledger, who died Jan. 22 from an accidental prescription-drug overdose, has the year s most anticipated role and is already generating posthumous Oscar buzz.

Earlier this year Bale said his late costar did one hell of a job on the film.