Lopez produces and stars in the film that brings us her sexiest role yet

Credit: Suzanne Hanover

In The Boy Next Door, which hits theaters on Friday, audiences see a side of Jennifer Lopez they’ve never seen before.

The actress, 45, who also produced the film, stars as Claire, a high school teacher on whom her next-door neighbor, Noah, has a little crush.

Having just split from her husband, Claire can’t resist the attention and she engages in an affair with the 19-year-old Noah. Their affair turns dangerous when he can’t shake his obsession, and it is later revealed that he is hiding a dark past.

We’ve seen The Boy Next Door, and it’s the ultimate guilty-pleasure film, filled with genuine scares and a seriously hot love scene. Here are six reasons why you need to schedule your weekend around checking it out.

1. Jennifer Lopez Looks Gorgeous Even When She’s Playing a High School Teacher

Oversized coats and plain tank tops cannot hide that Lopez is one of the most beautiful people, ever. Fun fact: Everything she wore in the film actually came from her closet! In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, she revealed that she mined from her own wardrobe because Boy Next Door was produced with such a small budget.

(Oh, and yes, she still has that Grammy dress.)

2. Ryan Guzman Is Super Fine

Hello, biceps! Speaking of beautiful people – Ryan Guzman, J.Lo’s costar is one good-looking young man. Those slooooow camera pans up and down Guzman’s martial arts-honed body are a fun role-reversal of the patriarchal norm, which typically sees young girls being casually objectified.

Guzman, 27, is also pretty excellent at playing a (muscular) psycho – his turn from boy-with-a-crush to stalker in the latter half of the movie was scarily believable.

3. The Movie Delivers Genuine Scares …

Like any good thriller, The Boy Next Door will have you jumping out of your seat and covering your eyes. If you come out of the movie without having gasped in shock, you’re probably a lying liar. (Not to cast aspersions on your character, or anything.)

4. And Genuine Laughs

Just because, at one point, our heroes are fighting for their lives, that doesn’t mean that certain parts of the film aren’t actually hilarious. (“I love your mom’s cookies,” anyone?!) Another line, involving a summer rainstorm, was particularly funny. We won’t spoil it for you, but seriously – it’s worth the price of admission.

5. Ian Nelson Is Your Next Teen Heartthrob

Nelson, 19, plays Lopez’s son, Kevin. He plays quite young in the film and his wardrobe is that of your typical small-town high schooler, but in real-life, he is one handsome young adult. He has also appeared in The Hunger Games and on Teen Wolf, but this is his first big role. Don’t you want to say you knew him “when”?

6. Did We Mention There’s a Sex Scene Involving Jennifer Lopez?

And what a sex scene it is! It’s intense, and definitely earns the film its R rating. Not to give it all away, but it’s a legs-over-shoulders kinda sex scene. Really. You won’t be disappointed, trust that.

Will you be seeing The Boy Next Door this weekend? Sound off below.

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