'The Bodyguard' Remake Writer Says Role Whitney Houston Originally Played Will 'Be Latina'

The screenwriter, Tony Award-winning playwright Matthew López, said he only agreed to write the script if the protagonist was Latina

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The remake of Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard will be seeing one major change!

Matthew López, the Tony Award-winning playwright of The Inheritance, is set to write the script for the Warner Bros. remake of the beloved 1992 film that also starred Kevin Costner.

"It's so much fun," López told Variety of the experiencing of revamping the film for modern audiences. "When Warner Bros. approached me about the idea, I quickly said I would but I wanted the protagonist to be Latina. They agreed to that."

The playwright, who became the first Latino to win the Tony for best play, said he has faced "a lot of speculation" regarding the plot of the remake including that there would be "a gay storyline to it."

"Instead of focusing on an established star like the one Whitney Houston played, this is about a young Latina performer who has just become famous," López explained. "It's about how her life has changed because she is an overnight sensation. In the 21st century, that means she's in immediate need of protection."

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Matthew López. Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

For López, who was born in Florida to a Puerto Rican father, it was crucial to include Latino representation in the film.

"It was important to me to use this opportunity to get Latin faces up on that screen and to get their stories told in a big way," he said.

No casting decisions have been made regarding the remake.

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Earlier this month, Lizzo jokingly suggested she should star in the film alongside her TikTok crush Chris Evans.

After news that the movie is getting a remake with a writer officially onboard, Lizzo posted a TikTok video using the popular "What are we talking about?" trend.

The video starts with Lizzo "holding" a tweet announcing the remake and making a confused face as she mouths along to a voiceover angrily asking, "What are we talking about?"

Then it switches to her "holding" a tweet saying she and Evans should star in the movie together, with the voice now seductively asking, "What are we talking about?"

Lizzo captioned the video "What y'all think?" with a side-smirk emoji.

The back-and-forth between the two has been going on for months after the singer revealed that she'd drunkenly slid into his direct messages on Twitter and Evans responded with, "No shame in a drunk DM."

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