The 8 Most Bill Murray Things That Have Happened in 2016

So far this year, Bill Murray has launched a clothing line, crashed the White House and bartended at his son's restaurant.

2016 has been a rough one. The natural disasters, the election, losing David Bowie and Prince, the election … the election.

But there’s always one bright spot even in the inkiest sea of darkness, and that bright spot is usually Bill Murray. Thankfully, we have this wonderful beacon of a man to guide us through the darkness by …

Destroying Fan’s Phones and Then Paying for Them
Hey, sometimes it’s not always whimsical Bill. Sometimes you get phone-throwing Bill. Such was the case in February, when three fans had their phones chucked off a California restaurant’s roof by Bill Murray. No charges were pressed, and he paid for the broken phones in the end. That’s nice Bill.

Crashing the Late Show

You really don’t have any clout in life until Murray’s crashed your show, wedding reception, what have you. In March, the camera at Stephen Colbert’s Late Show panned over to a man sprawled across multiple chairs (and the stage). The man turned out to be Murray, who then woke up and walked off with the woman sitting next to him … and his suit bag, which he’d had with him the whole time, for some reason.

Experiencing the Agony of a March Madness Loss

Murray’s son Luke is the assistant basketball coach at Xavier University, and so Murray had a personal stake in the school’s 63-66 loss (after a buzzer-beater, no less) in March. And when Bill Murray is sad, the whole world is sad with him.

Going to Bat for the New Ghostbusters

“There’s no quit in these girls,” Murray told Jimmy Kimmel in June. “This is a tough movie to pull off, it’s a big concept, there’s a lot on the plate, there’s a lot of expectations.” And in case you thought he was still on the fence about the remake, he said, “I couldn’t be happier, these girls did a really good job.”

Bartending at His Son’s Restaurant

Murray’s other son, Homer, just opened a new restaurant in Brooklyn. Murray showed up to help him open it up in style, slinging cocktails (and apparently, plenty of shots) behind the bar on a weekend in September. The nicest thing about it? The toast he gave: “This is my first-born son, Homer. I am so happy that he has not continued in the family business,” he said. “Instead, he has taken the joy of the family to have a drink, and have a meal, and have friends together in one place, and made it his life’s work. To my son, and his friends, and his work friends and all of his partners.”

Launching His Own Clothing Line

Bill Murray
Matthew Lewis/Getty

Bill Murray loves golf. He also loves Chicago. So it makes perfect sense that his clothing line, William Murray Golf, will consist of a special Chicago-themed polo and two hats. Oh, and a portion of the proceeds went to his favorite Chicago charity, the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

Crashing the White House to Talk Baseball

Because if you’re Bill Murray, and you’re in D.C., what higher goal could you set than crashing the White House, meeting with the President, and then discussing baseball during a press briefing? He’s probably had that on his bucket list since day one.

Almost Missing His Mark Twain Award to Watch the Cubs

Murray was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in D.C. on Sunday. Unfortunately, he nearly missed it, because the Cubs were playing. Well, fortunately for all of us, they clinched the pennant from the L.A. Dodgers on Saturday, so Murray could attend both. “I’m glad they won last night so I could be here this evening,” Murray said of the win, according to The New York Times. “If they hadn’t won last night I would have had to have been there, because, honestly, I do not trust the media to report the story.”

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