The Rocketman actor isn't putting much stock in rumors about him joining Marvel as Wolverine

Looks like Taron Egerton isn’t completely dismissing Marvel fans who want him to join the superhero universe.

The actor spoke to Variety about the rumors flying around that he might be taking over the role of Wolverine from Hugh Jackman when the mutants make their Marvel debut in the future.

“I love Marvel and I love the movies and I’d love the excuse to get in shape,” Egerton, 29, said. “I’d love to be a part of it, whether [Wolverine] is realistic or not, I don’t know.”

The rumors gained steam in July when famed comic book writer Mike Millar tweeted a prediction that Egerton would take over the iconic character. Millar is the original writer of the Kingsman comic series, which catapulted Egerton into one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors once he starred in the movie adaptation.

“I heard he said that,” Egerton told reporters at San Diego Comic-Con after Millar’s tweet went viral. “That’s very lovely of him, he’s a great man. I mean, that studio and what they’re doing is extraordinary. It’s dominating the cinematic landscape. I’m a huge fan of the movies. It’s very flattering that anyone would think I’d be good to be a part of it. But as of yet, it’s unfounded. But it’s a lovely thing. Especially given my friendship with Hugh, it’s a lovely thing.”

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Taron Egerton
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But although he’s said he’d like to join the studio, Egerton distanced himself a little more from the role in an interview with a British morning show last month.

“That one I think is just a rumor,” Egerton said of his casting. “As far as I’m aware it’s unfounded. I don’t know if I’m quite grisly enough. I mean if the people at Marvel think I am then great, let’s go. But I think there are probably better candidates. But I would love to be involved with that world somewhere.”

Whether he suits up as the troubled X-Man or not, Egerton already has the full support of Rocketman costar Jamie Bell, who praised the actor’s versatile acting skills.

“He can play Elton John, why not? It’s the natural next step,” Bell told Variety. “I’m sure he’d love to. Taron’s great. Working with Taron, I’m not entirely sure what he can’t do, so I’m sure he could probably do it — another string to his bow, as it were.”