'Table 19' Star Craig Robinson Says Anna Kendrick Uses Her Small Size to Get Around Crowded Bars

Craig Robinson says Anna Kendrick has a useful skill

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Anna Kendrick has a secret set of very specific skills.

Craig Robinson is spilling the beans about the actress in an interview with PEOPLE Now alongside Table 19 costars Lisa Kudrow and Wyatt Russell. The comedian reveals that Kendrick uses her smaller-than-average size to her advantage when getting around in crowded spaces.

Robinson says that the two were once at a bar that “was super packed. But she’s tiny so she would use her tininess to maneuver around,” adding that he was impressed when he would see her run around the crowded bar.

Another one of Kendrick’s skills? She can hold her own in a rap battle Though fans had gotten a glimpse of Kendrick’s rapping skills in Pitch Perfect, Robinson was still impressed when the actress was able to rap along to a music superstar.

“I did a movie with her some years ago called Rapture-Palooza and we were at this bar next to the hotel and Jay Z came on and she went in,” Robinson recalls.

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