Meet Sylvester Stallone's Daughters: What to Know About Miss Golden Globes Sophia, Sistine & Scarlet

Sophia, 19, Sistine, 17 and Scarlet, 13, are Sylvester Stallone's daughters with wife Jennifer Flavin

Photo: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Polaris

Sylvester Stallone received a standing ovation when he won a Golden Globe for Creed in 2016, but it’ll be his three beautiful daughters who will steal the spotlight at this year’s awards ceremony.

The teenagers, Sophia, 19, Sistine, 17, and Scarlet, 14 – his daughters with wife Jennifer Flavin –will share the title of Miss Golden Globe for the 2017 awards.

“Freaking out is an understatement,” Sistine told PEOPLE of finding out they would share the title. “We were dancing, we were screaming, we got some music playing, the dogs were barking, it was amazing. It was so much fun.”

The girls say sharing the title makes the experience all the more special.

“I think that just being able to be with my sisters, [having] my best friends by my side, is going to make this experience absolutely memorable and something I’ll never forget,” said Sistine.

“The fact that our parents will be there and the fact that my dad won last year and he’ll be able to support us while we supported him last year is a huge, huge, huge memory that we’re going to all immensely cherish,” added Sophia.

It’s no wonder they were given the title: The girls made a splash on the red carpet at last year’s Globes and Oscars, and have become regulars in their dad’s increasingly frequent Instagram posts.

And the girls have spent the past few weeks prepping for their new role by binge watching the nominated movies — with their dad, of course.

“We get all of the screeners early and especially with my dad, he loves the movie industry so we watch them all together,” said Sistine.

Given the sisters’ grace and famous pedigree, fans have already begun wondering if a Stallone family reality show might be a possibility. But before they truly begin to take over Hollywood, here’s a few things to know about the Sly family brood.

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Sophia is currently a student at USC, and judging by her dorm decorations, looks to be in the Delta Gamma sorority.

The oldest Stallone daughter, Sophia has rarely spoken to the press since undergoing heart surgery in 2012 – the same year her half-brother, Sage, tragically died from heart complications.

She previously underwent a successful heart surgery at just 2 months old, when doctors corrected a congenital malformation of a valve.

Before the successful operation in 2002, Sophia told Paris Match, “Every day I think of my heart. I eat really healthy, and as I get more tired than normal, I have to be very careful when doing sports.”

In the magazine, Flavin explained that her daughter’s room reflect her personality. “Sophia’s is all blue, full of books and movies. She is the one that most resembles her father. Like him she has read nearly all of Shakespeare’s books. They have a very special bond, they think alike and even have the same gestures, Sophia is the love of his life.”


Stallone’s middle child is already following in the footsteps of her mom, a former model. After signing with IMG models and getting photographed by legendary photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Vogue called the aspiring model a “fresh face to watch.”

In a March interview with the fashion magazine, the 17-year-old admitted that her father’s fame has helped her amass a solid 127,000 Instagram followers, but she made it clear she hopes to forge her own path.

“I have followers because of my dad. I get asked about his movies once a week. They want to know how he stays in shape and if he writes the screenplays,” she said.

But while Sistine says she doesn’t plan to follow in her dad’s acting footsteps, the girls agreed that out of the three of them, she is the most likely to become famous.

“None of us are necessarily looking to be an actress anytime soon,” said Sophia. “Sistine out of everyone would be the most involved because she is with IMG and is a model and she’s been working with top directors and photographers.”


At just 14, Scarlet hasn’t been nearly as visible as her older sisters, but from her proud dad’s Instagram, we know she inherited some of his athletic ability.

“Scarlet Winning in her division. The FLASH,” Stallone tweeted last week, along with a video of Scarlet winning a track race.

And while the baby of the family hasn’t had as much time in the spotlight as the other girls, she still finds a way to make her presence known on the family’s shared posts.

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