The Oscar-nominated star added comments to some of his favorite images from the classic 1976 film

By Michael Miller
Updated February 03, 2016 06:45 PM
Pacific Coast New

Sylvester Stallone is breaking out the old photo album and sharing some of his favorite behind-the-scenes pics from the original Rocky.

“Flashback! Rocky versus Apollo Creed! 1976… One of my favorite photos,” the actor captioned a shot he shared on Instagram Wednesday of the two heavyweights in the midst of battle.

“Again nostalgia time. I really like looking back at this moment in time…,” he wrote, alongside another picture of himself and his fictional trainer, Micky, played by Burgess Meredith.

“Showing you some rare shots from behind the camera!… It got very physical which was great for the film,” he captioned the final photo.

Stallone’s trip down memory lane comes in the wake of his Oscar bid for Best Supporting Actor in Creed. The film, starring Michael B. Jordan as the son of Rocky’s onetime archrival Apollo Creed, is the seventh film in the storied franchise. Stallone was nominated for Best Actor for the original in 1977, which is his only other Oscar nomination.

The 69-year-old received a standing ovation at the Golden Globes last month when he took home the award for best supporting actor. During his acceptance speech, Stallone thanked his earliest supporters, “Who actually mortgaged their house [to help] a bumbling actor get the chance of a lifetime.

“Most of all, I want to thank my imaginary friend Rocky Balboa for being the best friend I ever had,” he added.