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March 31, 2016 11:35 AM

Sylvester Stallone is dismissing claims that he had to be consoled after losing this year’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar to Mark Rylance.

The Rocky legend took to social media to set the record straight after British comic Jack Whitehall said in a seemingly humorous interview that he comforted Stallone at an Oscars afterparty.

Stallone, 69, said that not only is that untrue, but he has never even met Whitehall.

” ‘JACK WHITEHALL CONSOLED SLY AFTER OSCARS’ I NEVER met this young man Pity it has to be under these circumstances,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Creed actor also lashed out at Whitehall, 27, on Instagram, calling the comic’s claims “insulting.”

“I was very proud of my nomination, worked hard for it, so why would anybody create insulting lies that only distort wonderful memories. Why do it?” he wrote.

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Whitehall later responded in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

“It’s sad Sly doesn’t remember meeting me. Clearly I made very little impression. The same thing happened with Eamon Holmes at the TV Choice Awards,” Whitehall said, referring to an Irish TV presenter and a British awards show.

Whitehall initially spoke to the U.K. Mirror in an interview published Monday, with some U.K. outlets suggesting his comments were in jest. In it, Whitehall said he not only had to comfort Stallone, but also had to explain who Rylance was to him.

“I walked straight into Sylvester Stallone afterwards at the Governors Ball,” he said. “I had to console him about missing out on his Oscar, telling him there was always next year. Or maybe if he did Creed 2 he might get a nod. I think it reassured him.”

“Also, because he knew I was English, I had to tell him who Mark Rylance was,” he added. “I talked him through all of Mark’s performance at the Globe theatre.”

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