'Sweet Home Alabama' Sequel with Reese Witherspoon? Josh Lucas Says He'd 'Do It in a Second'

"Are they still together? Are they divorced? Do they want to be back together?" Josh Lucas asked about Melanie and Jake in Sweet Home Alabama

Josh Lucas is ready for a Sweet Home Alabama sequel!

More than 15 years after the romantic comedy was released in 2002, Lucas, who starred opposite Reese Witherspoon (fashion designer Melanie Smooter), is ready to revisit his character, Jake Perry, again.

“I would do it in a second,” Lucas, 47, said about a sequel on Tuesday’s The Talk.

“I think it would be so fascinating and obviously I don’t know where it would go, but I think it would be so fascinating to see where these two characters and the children and where everyone ended up. Are they still together? Are they divorced? Do they want to be back together? I mean, there’s so many different ideas that I think, you know, we all know life is long and complex and they had an interesting relationship to begin with, the two characters,” he explained.

Said Lucas: “I mean, the fact that they were together from when they were children, I would love to see what’s going on 20 years later.”

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As Sweet Home Alabama fans remember, the film ends with Witherspoon’s Melanie ditching her fiancé, Andrew (Patrick Dempsey), at the altar after her lawyer informs her — at the last minute — that her divorce wasn’t finalized and she’s still married to her high school sweetheart, Jake.

Nearly two years ago, Witherspoon said in a Facebook Live Q&A session that she’d be happy to revisit her character, Melanie.

“We are not making a sequel that I know of, but if Disney wants to make a sequel they can just call me,” she said. “I would happily make Sweet Home Alabama 2.”

Last month, Witherspoon confirmed that another highly-anticipated sequel is in the works: Legally Blonde 3!

The 42-year-old actress slipped back into the pink sequin bikini her character, Elle Woods, wore for her Harvard Law application in the original 2001 film.

“It’s true,” she wrote on social media, captioning a video of herself in the two piece as she drifted on a blue pool float.

Legally Blonde follows sorority girl Elle, who decides to trail her ex boyfriend to Harvard Law school after he breaks her heart. In addition to Witherspoon, the comedy starred Luke Wilson, Jennifer Coolidge, Selma Blair, Victor Garber and Ali Larter.

The film was followed up with a 2003 sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, which centers on Elle’s life post-Harvard as she made her move to Washington D.C. to start a career in politics. Sally Field and Regina King were among its stars.

Plot points or returning cast members haven’t been announced yet for Legally Blonde 3, but MGM announced the third installment will hit theaters on Valentine’s Day, 2020.

Legally Blonde 3 will have a special producer, too: Witherspoon herself.

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