"I can't even address him seriously," Susan Sarandon says of Donald Trump
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Susan Sarandon has some choice words for Donald Trump.

“He reminds me of your drunk uncle at a wedding, who gets up and starts talking and just loves the crowd,” the Oscar winner said of the GOP front-runner in a new interview with the online news show The Young Turks.

Fresh off a rally for Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders in Mason City, Iowa, on Wednesday, the actress and political activist criticized Trump as irrational and suggested he’s an embarrassment to the Republican party.

“He’s like a figure from a Kurt Vonnegut novel I can’t even address him seriously. I mean, he doesn’t even have a consistency or any kind of rational anything.”

“What concerns me is not him,” she continued. “What concerns me is that he has made hatred and racism normal. He’s normalized it. He’s taking this, you know, undercurrent of discontent that’s looking to blame somebody and he’s legitimized those feelings and that, I think, is a very dangerous thing.”

That said, Sarandon is confident Trump’s days are numbered.

“I cannot believe for a second that America would actually make Donald Trump the president,” she said. “Republicans are not all bad, they’re not all crazy, they’re not all greedy. I think there’s some very sane Republicans and they must be so embarrassed by what’s going on right now.”

Trump does not appear to have responded to Sarandon’s remarks.

The billionaire businessman isn’t the only presidential candidate Sarandon takes issue with. The actress said she is backing Sanders because of Hillary Clinton‘s vote to authorize the war in Iraq in 2002. “She failed me,” Sarandon said of Clinton’s decision. “That wasn’t just a mistake, it was a disaster.”

Sarandon has long been active in liberal causes and politics. She supported Ralph Nader in 2000 and John Edwards in 2008, before eventually endorsing Barack Obama over Clinton. This election, she’s feeling the Bern, and has spent the past week in Iowa volunteering for the Vermont senator’s campaign.

She tweeted a photo of herself with Sanders on Wednesday with the caption, “IT’S BERN TIME!!”

“I got emotional just being with him,” Sarandon said of the senator during an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello. “They’re all over Bernie, they love him.”

“Bernie Sanders consistently has represented everything that I’m interested in and care about,” she added.