The actress likened the Will & Grace star to President Trump on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, causing an audible response from the audience

By Nick Romano
May 02, 2017 04:24 PM
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Susan Sarandon‘s Twitter feud with Debra Messing continues. The actress likened the Will & Grace star to President Trump on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, causing an audible response from the audience.

“She’s not very well informed and so sometimes she gets in areas that she really hasn’t thought through, maybe? She’s Trumpian a little bit like that,” Sarandon told host Andy Cohen. “So, I don’t have anything against her personally. I just sometimes I have to say, ‘But you don’t have the information.’”

The stars have been exchanging barbs over social media since last year’s presidential campaign, when Messing criticized Sarandon for suggesting a “Trump prezcy wud b better 4 the country thn Hillary.” Sarandon later clarified that she “would never support Trump,” but was quick on the defense.

“For those passionate, principled independents & first-time voters who would not be voting, if it weren’t for Sanders & whose interests HC doesn’t represent, it is a dilemma,” Sarandon tweeted.

Sarandon told Cohen the feud has been confined to Twitter. “I’m a huge Rangers fan and I’ve been to a couple of games where she’s been there and she never says anything to me in person,” she said.

Watch Sarandon on WWHL in the clip and read their tweets above.

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