The book will give Twi-Hards the opportunity to make up their "own mental pictures before someone else's picture intrudes," says the author

The author
| Credit: AP

Can’t wait for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to hit theatres? Author Stephenie Meyer says she’s got the perfect solution for fans hoping get their Twilight fix before June 30: Dig into the series’ latest novel.

Before rushing to see Eclipse, Meyer says Twi-Hards might enjoy reading The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, the fifth installment, which follows one of Eclipse‘s newborn vampires.

“Knowing that elements of Bree’s story were being incorporated into Eclipse, I hoped the story could somehow get out first,” she says about the 192-page spin-off hitting bookstore shelves on Saturday. (It will also be available for free online at from June 7 to July 5).

“Personally, I always want to read a book before seeing the movie,” Meyer said during a recent Q&A. “I like to make my own mental pictures before someone else’s picture intrudes. Probably most of my readers don’t have the same hang-up, but for those who do, I wanted to give them the chance to create their own mental pictures of Bree and the gang.”

Because Eclipse is told only through Bella’s perspective, Meyer says reading Bree Tanner before seeing the third installment on the big screen will provide fans with additional background information to enjoy the film even more.

“When there is so much going on off-stage so to speak, it leaves a lot of mysteries,” she says. “Of all the Twilight books, Eclipse has the most going on outside of Bella’s view. For the movie to work, we have to see and understand some of these things.”