From the origin of his nickname to his superhero obsession, learn more about the onetime So You Think You Can Dance all-star

By Michael Miller
Updated July 01, 2015 06:50 PM

Stephen Boss, aka “tWitch,” has danced his way to the top – graduating from reality TV talent competitions to the big screen in Magic Mike XXL.

The freestyle hip-hop dancer, 32, made his television debut on Star Search back in 2003, then went on to place third on The Wade Robson Project later that year before being tapped to choreograph dances for Korean pop star Se7en.

Boss returned to TV for season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance, where he failed to make the top 20. Returning with a vengeance for the next season, tWitch became a fan favorite and finished as a runner-up in the finals. He would later return as an all-star on season 7, where he’d meet his future wife, Allison Holker.

With his road to movie stardom underway with his breakout role as Malik in Magic Mike XXL, here’s five things to know about the most experienced dancer in the cast:

1. What’s the Deal with the Nickname?
Stephen Boss became known as “tWitch” when he was growing up in Montgomery, Alabama. As a kid, Boss could never stop dancing – even at school when teachers would tell him to sit still. To compensate, Boss resorted to a popular hip-hop dance style called “popping and ticking,” which some people mistook as a twitch. The name’s stuck ever since.

2. His Wife, Fellow Dancer Allison Holker, Made the First Move
“She says she made the first move. I was completely oblivious to it, I’m really thickheaded.” Boss told

Holker remembers things a little differently: “I didn’t just make one move – I made, like, 10 moves and he wasn’t seeing them, so I had to put myself out there even more,” she tells the dance site. “From the first week of SYTYCD as All-Stars, I thought he was the cutest guy ever. His personality was so fun.”

3. He’s a Huge Comic Book Nerd
Boss’ favorite comic book hero is Superman – and he loves the Man of Steel so much he even named his Jack Russell mix “Krypto” in honor of Supes’ home planet.

The couple honored his superhero love at their 2013 wedding, when Boss and his groomsmen opened up their button-down shirts to show off their superhero tees underneath.

The pair also paid homage to a certain boy wizard at their nuptials, with Holker and her bridesmaids pointing Harry Potter wands at the groomsmen, who appear to leap in the air as if by magic (or perhaps impressive dance training).

4. He Got His First Waxing on Ellen
Ellen DeGeneres has been a tWitch supporter for years, having him on the show as a frequent guest DJ. But when he consented to having his first wax live on air, things didn’t go exactly as he planned.

When asked if more men should try waxing, tWitch told Vibe, “Nah, nah. You don’t have to try it at all. Ever. I’m not even gonna say ‘unless.’ When all else fails, just shave because waxing is not it. The good thing about it was I’ve now become an advocate for anybody who says they don’t wanna wax anymore. Like you can get as hairy as you want to be. If that means you don’t have to wax, I’m all for it. It’s painful.”

5. If He Could Have One Wish Granted It Would Be
Boss tells Philasun that if he could have one wish instantly granted he would choose, “an unwavering agreement of peace and love all over the globe.” Take that Miss America.