London Erects Giant Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Statue for 'Jurassic Park' 's 25th Anniversary

The statue honors the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park.

London sure knows how to celebrate an anniversary.

Now TV installed a huge statue of Jeff Goldblum in a familiar pose right in front of the Tower Bridge to commemorate that Jurassic Park came out 25 years ago.

The statue depicts Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in his most famous position — shirtless and reclining. CNET notes that the 331-pound statue is 9.8 feet high and almost 23 feet long and took 250 hours to create over six weeks.

Jurassic Park 25 Anniversary Photocall
John Phillips/Getty

Goldblum has commented on the appeal of the scene in the past. In a TODAY segment, when asked if he would recreate the scene in this year’s Jurassic World, he replied, “Yes, if anybody asks, I disrobe at the drop of a hat.”

During a panel discussion of the movie, as USA TODAY reported, Goldblum tried to recall what led to his iconic look. “I don’t have any memory of how—I don’t think it was in the script that I was shirtless,” Goldblum commented. “I swear, I don’t remember a conversation. Did I say, ‘Hey Steven [Spielberg], can I take my shirt off?’ What happened?”

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The Internet has had a heyday with Goldblum’s posture in that scene. Just a few days ago, a fan tweeted a picture of an animal in the same position as Goldblum. “When your sister tells you she saw [Jeff Goldblum] at the zoo and then sends you a picture…. Done got me all excited,” the fan wrote.

Jurassic Park 25 Anniversary Photocall
John Phillips/Getty

In 2014, Goldblum paid homage to the classic film at a friend’s wedding, where he posed for a photograph in which he runs from a dinosaur.

Last year, Goldblum welcomed son River Joe with wife Emilie Livingston. The couple also has three-year-old son Charlie Ocean. The question remains whether River and Charlie have seen their father’s 25-year-old film—and whether a trip to London may be in order.

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