Using infographics, the book illustrates the beloved franchise's quantifiable trivia

By Jodi Guglielmi
December 15, 2017 02:11 PM
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Get ready to dive even deeper into a galaxy far, far away.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Creative Director Tim Leong gives fans a visual guide to everything Star Wars in his new book Star Wars Super Graphic. Using infographics, the book illustrates the beloved franchise’s quantifiable trivia.

From character nicknames to the fastest ships in the galaxy and keeping track of just how many questions Luke Skywalker asks throughout the films, Super Graphic provides the answers to anything and everything fans could have ever wanted to know about Star Wars.

“I want everything to be interesting and helpful to the readers,” Leong tells PEOPLE of deciding what information went into the book. “I only wanted charts that had good information and good design. Everything else gets flushed out the airlock.”

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Although Leong admits the process of gathering all the data for the book was a bit tedious at times, the life-long Star Wars fan found himself learning new things along the way.

“I didn’t know there four Jedi Councils,” he says. “I thought there was just the one that you see in the prequels. I had no idea.”

As for the hardest infographic to put together? Blame bad aim.

“Oh man. There’s a chart called SHOTS FIRED. It counts how many times the stormtroopers missed the rebels as they broke Leia out of her jail cell,” he explains. “That was too much even for me, so I brought in a researcher (Allie Sadlier) to freeze frame the DVD and count them all.”

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But along with providing great visuals, Leong’s main goal was to connect all the Star Wars stories in a single comprehensive place for both newcomers and longtime fans to enjoy.

“The Star Wars universe is a big, sweeping story,” he says. “I thought I knew a lot, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. I was afraid that immersing myself in all this research was going to turn me off to Star Wars but that wasn’t the case at all. It actually strengthened my admiration for it and made me appreciate the complexity and interconnectedness of all the stories. And that’s what I want my book to do for people.”

“It can help newcomers and hardcore fans alike to expand their Star Wars knowledge base and hopefully give them a greater appreciation for the franchise,” Leong adds. “Just in time for The Last Jedi!”

Star Wars Super Graphic is on sale now.

The latest film in the saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, hits theaters Dec. 15.