The actor also reveals his plan to surprise moviegoers by visiting N.Y.C. theaters during screenings of the new Star Wars film

Credit: The Tonight Show/NBC

The intense secrecy surrounding the plot of Star Wars: The Force Awakens wasn’t just difficult for superfans to deal with – it also impacted the film’s cast and crew.

In an interview on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, John Boyega said that his friends were very surprised after seeing the new movie.

“I took them to the London premiere and after the premiere they were just like, ‘Yo, John, I never knew you were in the movie for so long – I thought you were an extra!’ ” Boyega, 23, shares. “I’m like, all this time I was leaving from Monday to Friday, what did you think I was doing, man, for two years?”

Boyega, who plays Finn in the new Star Wars movie, also reveals that he’s planning to visit screenings of the movie around New York City this weekend.

“I’m gonna go over to a few theaters in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and I’m gonna meet some people, you know, just say thank you,” he says. “This is big, and I feel the love, I really, really do.”

And the actor stuck to his word. Early Saturday morning, Williamsburg Cinemas in Brooklyn, New York, shared a photo on Facebook of Boyega addressing a crowded movie theater full of fans on Friday night.