Dance Flick's Brennan Hillard tells PEOPLE about his role as a "very effeminate version of Zac"

By Aaron Parsley
May 22, 2009 04:30 PM
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Like the saying goes, “You know you’ve made it when someone’s spoofing you.”

At least that’s what Brennan Hillard would tell Zac Efron – if he ever meets him. Hillard, 19, stars in the new Wayans Brothers’ comedy, Dance Flick, which opens Friday, and plays a “very effeminate version of Zac,” he tells PEOPLE.

Born in California, but raised in Arizona, Hillard started acting when he was 10 years old but got his first break on the American Idol spin-off American Juniors when he was 13.

“I thought that was the highlight of my career,” he says of the gig, which got him an L.A.-based agent.

Six years later, he got his first film role after auditioning for all the Wayans. “I freaked out,” he says. “I’ve never been in a call back this big.” But he landed the part and is ready for his big-screen debut.

Well, almost. “I’m a total wreck,” he told PEOPLE, the day before the movie’s premiere. “I’m getting my suit pressed. I’m scared out of my mind and am more anxious. It’s my very first movie premiere!”

Now that he’s the expert, Brennan filled us in on the five ways to be like Efron, but wanted to get a quick message out first: “I hope he’ll still meet me,” Brennan says. “I’m a big fan of his work and I hope to do some work with him in the future – and no hard feelings!”

The Hair: “You need to have what I call the Efron Swoop,” Hillard says. “Your hair needs to go across the face at all times. We took the flat iron and just straightened the bangs out, made it swoop, used the gel, made it kind of messy and it looked just like his hair at the time.”

The Tan: “You need to have the perfect tan at all times,” Hillard advises. “I usually don’t tan that much. I like being pale, but I tried to tan as much as I could. I couldn’t fry myself but I did have to go once or twice a week for just six or seven minutes in a tanning bed.”

The Muscles: “I hate the gym. I absolutely hate going and I don’t understand the people who enjoy it. It is a pain for me,” admits Hillard. “I work out as much as I can and afterwards I feel great, but during it, I hate every single second of it. I work on my abs a lot; I do a lot of running; I do a lot of biceps curls and triceps.”

The Song & Dance: “I had to watch [Efron’s High School Musical number] “Get’cha Head in the Game” like – I don’t even know how many times,” Hillard says. “I was singing it in my sleep.”

The B-Ball Skills: “Zac [spins a basketball on his finger] so well and I can only do it for literally two seconds,” says Hillard. “I watched him on Ellen and he just sat there for a whole minute with a ball on his hand. I also had to dribble a basketball. I had to learn how to do drills. I had to dance with the basketball. It’s harder than it looks.”

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