The Sopranos actress detailed the night that Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped her at her Manhattan apartment

The Sopranos star Annabella Sciorra testified in a New York City court Thursday about the night Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped her.

According to The New York Times, Time, and The Hollywood Reporter, Sciorra, 59, began choking up and fought back tears as she recounted night she was allegedly raped in the early ’90s. (Weinstein, 67, has denied all allegations of sexual assault against him).

Sciorra — one of four witnesses who will be called to show for the prosecution — claimed that the disgraced Hollywood mogul shoved his way into her Manhattan apartment and forced her onto the bed.

“As I was trying to get him off of me — I was punching him, I was kicking him — and he took my hands and put them over my head, he put my hands over my head to hold them back and he got on top of me and he raped me,” Sciorra told the jury, per multiple outlets. “He put his penis inside my vagina. He had intercourse while I was trying to fight but I couldn’t fight anymore because he had my hands locked.”

Annabella Sciorra and Harvey Weinstein
Annabella Sciorra and Harvey Weinstein
| Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; Venturelli/WireImage

“At a certain point, he stopped,” Sciorra added, per THR. “He came out of me and he ejaculated on top of me, on my nightgown. He said, ‘I have perfect timing.’ And then he proceeded to put his mouth on my vagina and before he did that, he said, ‘This is for you.’ ”

Sciorra reportedly added, “And I didn’t have very much fight left inside me at this point. I said, ‘No, no.’ But there was not much I could do at that point. My body shut down. It was just so disgusting that my body started to shake in a way that was very unusual. I didn’t even really know what was happening. It was like a seizure or something.”

Donna Rotunno, Weinstein’s lead attorney, challenged Sciorra by arguing that the actress wasn’t sure of the exact month or year the alleged rape took place, THR reported.

The actress reportedly defended herself by saying she was sure the alleged incident took place in the late months of 1993 or early months of 1994.

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/WireImage

According to the NYT, Sciorra said in the testimony that she saw Weinstein several weeks later at a restaurant and confronted him.

“This remains between you and I,” Sciorra recalled Weinstein telling her. She also acknowledged that she had never called the police and reported the incident, saying she was “confused,” per the NYT.

She also testified that the attack left emotional scars, according to the NYT. Sciorra recalled that she started to drink a lot and cut herself, even at times slicing her hands and fingers and painting the blood onto a white wall, reports the outlet.

Sciorra first accused Weinstein of sexual assault in a 2017 exposé in The New Yorker. Among those to also speak out against Weinstein are Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Daryl Hannah.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
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If convicted, Weinstein could be sentenced to life in prison. He has denied the allegations against him and previously plead not guilty to the New York charges.

As the New York trial opened, new sex crime charges were brought against Weinstein in California.

The new charges accuse Weinstein of raping one woman and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents over a two-day period in 2013, according to a news release by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, PEOPLE previously reported.