Sophie Turner showed Conan O'Brien the bizarre drinking game the X-Men cast played while filming Dark Phoenix, out Friday

Sansa Stark might have been more of a political player in Game of Thrones, but Sophie Turner isn’t afraid of getting a little physical.

Turner, 23, stopped by Conan on Wednesday to promote her upcoming movie Dark Phoenix, out Friday, when she asked host Conan O’Brien if he’d be willing to try out the drinking game the cast played on the X-Men movie set.

The game is fairly simple, if not bizarre. Let Turner explain it for you.

“We’d play this brilliant game called ‘Tequila Slaps,’ ” Turner explained. “Basically, two people stand opposite one another, one person takes a shot and before they have time to swallow it, the other person slaps them around the face.”

Turner then took out a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila and poured shots for O’Brien and cohost Andy Richter.

“Please stand,” Turner then said as O’Brien nervously held his shot glass.

“How much time do I get?” O’Brien asked as Turner stared him down. “Not much time,” Turner replied.

When the talk show host finally took the shot, Turner slapped him clean across the face before he got a chance to swallow.

“Wow, that was a fantastic slap!” O’Brien said after while Turner apologized. “That was really hard, I’m sorry!”

Turner went on to say that the cast would often play it after filming, and things would get real.

“I don’t screw around,” Turner said referring to the game. “I once had a purple hand mark on my face from playing that game. We go really, really hard with each other.”

Tuner has been making the talk show rounds to promote Dark Phoenix, which also stars Jennifer Lawrence in her last appearance as Raven/Mystique.

The two actresses appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! along with the rest of the cast earlier this week, where Lawrence revealed just how Turner was able to get to an emotional place while filming.

“I teared up a little bit watching Sophie in that scene, her reaction to my death was so raw and real,” Lawrence said seriously. “It was so honest and real, and it’s because she really was crying because her dialect coach, right before the take, took her Juul away. She started genuinely tearing up. It was like the performance of the year. It was amazing.”

Turner is famously attached to her electronic vape, which she normally has on hand in her day-to-day life. She joked with host Jimmy Kimmel that it’s the perfect way to motivate her while acting.

“It is. It’s how to act,” Turner said. “You take it away and then you give it back and that’s happy and sad.”

Dark Phoenix — also starring James McVey, Michael Fassbender, Jessica Chastain, Nicholas Hoult, Tye Sheridan and Evan Peters — hits theaters Friday.