Pierce Brosnan gets shocking baby news from Jessica Alba in an exclusive clip from their new romantic comedy Some Kind of Beautiful

Credit: Lionsgate

Pierce Brosnan‘s carefree bachelor days come to a quick end in this exclusive clip from his new romantic comedy Some Kind of Beautiful.

Brosnan, who plays a college poetry professor named Richard, is shocked when he finds out his much younger girlfriend Kate, played by Jessica Alba, is pregnant.

The news breaks as Kate is introducing Richard to her sister Olivia, played by Salma Hayek.

Olivia is less than thrilled about the relationship between her younger sister and Richard.

“I get it – he’s hot and funny and smart and he’s got this suave accent,” Olivia tells Kate. “But all I see is a lothario with an eternally wondering eye who simply charmed the pants off you, literally.”

But before Olivia can finish her rant, Kate reveals she’s expecting.

“With a baby?” the astonished Richard asks in response.

The movie follows Richard’s life after Kate eventually leaves him and their child – but not before asking Olivia to move in and keep watch over the “suave” professor.

Some Kind of Beautiful

hits theaters Aug. 21.