The actor, who plays twins in the hit movie about Facebook, opens up about life as a newlywed

Credit: Fame

He’s getting raves for playing Harvard-turned-Olympic rowers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in the hit film The Social Network, but off-screen Armie Hammer is tackling another new role: husband.

“I was always the guy who thought I’d never get married because [I thought], ‘There’s never going to be one woman worth giving up all the others,’ ” says the great-grandson of mogul Armand Hammer. “But she knocked me off my feet.”

Hammer, 24, wed journalist Elizabeth Chambers in May, during the filming of The Social Network – right before filming a particularly grueling rowing scene.

“Ten days after the honeymoon, of just lounging by the pool and drinking out of coconuts, I became the moon-faced guy,” Hammer laughs, remembering the stellar physical condition he was in prior to the trip. “The rowing coach looked at me and goes, ‘What the hell did you do?!’ For a week and a half, it was double duty just trying to get me back into shape, and I have to say, that was the worst week and a half I’ve ever experienced!”

Today, Hammer is enjoying the rave reviews his movie is getting (some people have even argued he deserves an Oscar for portraying two men!), and life at home with his wife.

“[My apartment] is a home now, which is so much better,” he says. “The kitchen is not just a room anymore – it actually holds food! It’s not just where you keep your beer!”

“My wife comes from a foodie family so I’ve been indoctrinated into that,” he continues. “I had sweetbreads the other night, and I have to say, not my favorite thing in the world. You’re eating a gland.”

And while they may not share the same palette, he and his wife complement each other perfectly, Hammer says.

“She’s incredibly supportive,” he gushes. “I couldn’t be more blessed.”

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