April 09, 2018 12:52 PM

Tina Fey can definitely sit with us.

The original Mean Girls writer, 47, made a surprise on stage appearance when the movie’s musical adaptation opened on Broadway on Sunday night. During curtain call, Fey joined the cast for the bow alongside her husband, Jeff Richmond.

Fey came back as writer for the musical, which she modernized for the stage with topical jabs to pad out the high school story that first hit screens in 2004. The comedian also enlisted her trusty husband to write the music for the show.

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Tina Fey
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Tina Fey

Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey (center)
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Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey (center)

The musical follows new student Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen) as she moves from the safety of being home-schooled by her parents in Kenya to the true wild animal kingdom of Chicago’s fictional North Shore High School, where a trio of ferocious frenemies known as “The Plastics” rule the halls.

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Cady also links up with punk art-nerd Janis Sarkisian and her “too gay to function” BFF Damian Hubbard (the scene-sealing Barrett Wilbert Weed and Grey Henson, respectively) to take down the pink-clad predators from the inside out, just like in the movie.

Mean Girls is on Broadway now.

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