Michael B. Jordan first appeared in PEOPLE as One to Watch in 2013 before being named Sexiest Man Alive 2020

By Ale Russian
November 18, 2020 10:31 AM

Michael B. Jordan might be more in touch with his 26-year-old self than he thinks!

PEOPLE's newest-crowned Sexiest Man Alive, now 33, was previously featured in PEOPLE's first-ever Ones to Watch package way back in 2013. Then starring in the captivating and heartbreaking Fruitvale Station, the young actor sat down with PEOPLE to answer a few questions about himself.

Now seven years later, we surprised Jordan with video from the interview and asked him to answer those same questions before seeing what his younger self answered.

The first question showed the changes in maturity for the actor.

He now cites a poignant moment with a young Black boy at the Black Panther premiere as his most memorable fan encounter, while the younger Jordan recalled the time a young woman waited outside the All My Children set in the cold just to get a glimpse of him.

But the similarities are still there in the second question when both the present and past Jordan surmise they'd be chefs if they didn't get into acting — though the younger Jordan had some lofty dreams as well.

"In an alternate universe, and I was three inches taller, I would be in the NBA, for sure," Jordan answered in 2013, as the present Jordan laughs at himself.

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Michael B. Jordan
| Credit: Joshua Kissi

While both Jordans named Denzel Washington and Will Smith as actors they admire, the younger Jordan also added another name to the list: Leonardo DiCaprio, for the way he transitioned from a child actor to a force in the industry.

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But at the end of the day, Jordan is still just a family boy at heart. When answering who is the first person he shares good news with, young and present Jordan both quickly said his mom.

"Yeah, that's always gonna be the same," the older Jordan confirms.