The Cast of 'Sleepless in Seattle' : Where Are They Now?

Sleepless in Seattle premiered on June 25, 1993, which means that it has been 29 years since Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan met at the top of the Empire State Building

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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
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Then: Before playing Sam Baldwin, a.k.a. Sleepless in Seattle, Hanks had already made a name for himself in shows like Bosom Buddies and films like A League of Their Own and Big.

Now: Hanks is an actor, producer and typewriter aficionado (check his Instagram). His star only continued to rise as he won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1994 and 1995 for Philidelphia and Forrest Gump, respectively. He has seven Emmys, four Golden Globes (plus one Cecil B. DeMille Award) and two SAG Awards. Hanks has been married to Rita Wilson — who also appeared in Sleepless in Seattle — since 1988, and has four grown children.

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Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan
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Then: Ryan was cementing herself as one of the rom-com queens of the late '80s and early '90s, starting her reign with When Harry Met Sally and following it up by playing Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle.

Now: Ryan starred in more romantic comedies, eventually reuniting with Hanks for You've Got Mail in 1998. She is a mother of two.

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Ross Malinger

Ross Malinger
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Then: Just 8 years old when the film premiered, Malinger stole everyone's heart as Jonah Baldwin, son of Hanks' Sam Baldwin.

Now: Malinger took roles in shows like Party of Five, The Simple Life, Without a Trace and Touched By an Angel. He hasn't acted since 2006.

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Bill Pullman as Walter

Bill Pullman
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Then: Pullman starred as Annie's fiancé Walter. His résumé included A League of Their Own (which Hanks also starred in), Newsies and Spaceballs.

Now: Pullman has acted in many films since Sleepless, including While You Were Sleeping, Independence Day and The Grudge. Most recently, he starred in The Sinner. He is married with three children.

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Rosie O'Donnell as Becky

Rosie O Donnell
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Then: Before she was hosting the Rosie O'Donnell Show, she was a stand-up comic and actress. O'Donnell had starred in shows like Gimme a Break! and Stand by Your Man, and had a role in A League of Their Own, too, before playing Annie's best friend Becky.

Now: O'Donnell continued to act after Sleepless, taking on the role of Betty Rubble in The Flintstones, and eventually landing herself a wildly successful talk show, which ran from 1996 to 2002. She followed that up with a stint hosting The View, and continues to be outspoken via social media. She has made plenty of cameos in her career, including Nip/Tuck, Drop Dead Diva, Will & Grace and more. Most recently the mother of five appeared as Lisa Sheffer in the HBO miniseries I Know This Much Is True.

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Rita Wilson as Suzy

Rita Wilson
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Then: Though they had already been married for five years, Wilson played her husband's sister, Suzy, in the film. Before the movie, she had made appearances on shows like M*A*S*H, Bosom Buddies, Who's the Boss and more.

Now: Wilson continued to act and produce theater, television and films. She has starred in series like Girls and The Good Wife, as well as in movies like Then and Now, Raise Your Voice and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

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Victor Garber as Greg

Victor Garber
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Then: Garber had already been acting for some time when he played Sam's brother-in-law, Greg, in Sleepless in Seattle.

Now: Garber had plenty of acting roles before and after Sleepless. You'll recognize him from being in ... pretty much everything, from television shows like Alias, Power and The Flash to movies like Legally Blonde and Titanic. He continues to act.

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Rob Reiner as Jay

Rob Reiner
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Then: Reiner — Sam's friend Jay in the movie — had made a name for himself as an actor when he starred in All in the Family from 1971 to 1978. He was also making headway as a director: he directed Ryan in When Harry Met Sally in 1989.

Now: Reiner has since acted in many films and TV shows. He has made appearances in The First Wives Club, 30 Rock and New Girl, but even more notable is his directing career, which includes classics like Stand by Me, Misery, A Few Good Men and The Princess Bride.

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Gaby Hoffmann as Jessica

TriStar Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection; Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Then: Child actors of the '90s were simply too cute and Hoffman (who played Jonah's friend) was no exception. Before the film, she had made her debut in Field of Dreams.

Now: After Sleepless, Hoffman acted in movies like Now and Then and Volcano. She also appeared on HBO's Girls for three seasons and as Ali Pfefferman on Transparent from 2014 to 2019.

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