By Maggie Parker
Updated October 07, 2016 08:57 AM
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty

Skylar Astin will be the first to admit he couldn’t hold back tears on his wedding day.

“Lots of tears,” the actor told PEOPLE when asked to describe the moment he first saw Anna Camp on their wedding day. “Oh yeah. Lots of tears,” Astin added at the premiere of his new series, Graves.

We can’t blame him; his wife looked absolutely stunning in a Reem Acra strapless ballgown with her hair pulled back.

The Pitch Perfect stars wed last month in an outdoor ceremony on the central California coast, and a lot has changed since then. But at the same time, not that much.

“Everything has changed yet nothing has changed at all,” Astin said of how married life changes things. “It’s just absolute bliss, I’m still on cloud nine. It was the best day of my life.”

What’s next for the happy couple? “I’m just looking forward to more of it,” he added sweetly.

The good times continued on their Italian honeymoon. And while it’s back to work for him, it’s not all that bad since he gets to work with small and big screen icon Nick Nolte in the new EPIX series about a former president, played by Nolte.

Astin, who plays his assistant, only had good words to say about the gritty actor. “Nick and I, we became the buddies in the buddy comedy,” he said. “Nick will do everything from ball taps to wet willies. Nick is very jovial, full of energy,” he said laughing. But that’s not all the award winning actor has to offer. “He’s just beaming with talent,” Astin gushed.

“It was constantly surreal, so that’s the only way I’ve gotten used it is by consistently feeling like I’m working with someone who has so much greatness. He’s the president, he’s the boss,” he added.

But he’s nothing like some other actors who’ve played the president. “I’ll tell you what, you hear all these stories about these guys who play the president and make you address them as Mr. President. If you don’t call him Nick, he’ll give you ball tap,” he revealed laughing. “He’s so down to earth. Nick Nolte is as real as it gets. A good dude, a living legend and it’s an honor to work with him.”