Shia LaBeouf Says He's 'Not Extremely Well-Endowed' and Is 'Kind of Insecure' About His 'Junk'

Shia LaBeouf tells Jimmy Kimmel about his creative dog care methods.

Shia LaBeouf is getting brutally honest about some self-esteem issues.

The Transformers star, 31, was a guest Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he talked about one of his recent art experiments during which he isolated himself for a month in a cabin in Finland. His only link to the outside world was a setup that allowed him to type messages and share soundless video with visitors at an art museum in Helsinki.

According to LaBeouf, the Finnish people are very comfortable with their nudity.

“I’ll say, for a person who’s not extremely well-endowed and who’s kind of insecure about my own junk, there’s something about sitting naked with like a Sami-native in a hut,” he said.

“Before you say hello, [it’s] just all d—. Just d— right away,” he added about his Finnish counterparts. “That kind of thing is a very uncomfortable thing. But in Finland, that’s so culturally normal. Here it’s not normal. Guys will sit in a hot tub with their boxers on. Not in Finland.”

LaBeouf also told the host that he and his wife, Mia Goth, whom he married in October, are the parents of a new French bulldog puppy with some unfortunate eating habits.

“He likes to eat his own doo-doo,” LaBeouf said. “And he does it quick. He does it so fast, it’s not like there’s any thinking going on.”

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After reenacting the puppy’s method for eating its own feces, the actor explained his innovative technique for curbing the bulldog’s appetite. “I’ve been putting hot sauce on the doo-doo,” he said. “So I just sit in the house watching Divorce Court, and I’ve got the Tapatío in my pocket,” he added, referring to the popular brand of hot sauce.

“You’re really living the life of a movie star,” Kimmel quipped.

Meanwhile, LaBeouf has been keeping a low-profile since his most recent brush with the law. In the April issue of Esquire, the actor gave his first-sit down interview since his “mortifying” arrest in 2017 — during which he went on a racist and expletive-laced tirade at police officers.

“What went on in Georgia was mortifying,” he remarked, calling it a mixture of “white privilege and desperation and disaster. I f—ed up.”

Although he knows it will be hard to redeem himself in the public eye, the actor is trying to “take ownership of my s—” and “learn from my mistakes.”

LeBeouf last appeared as tennis legend John McEnroe in Borg vs. McEnroe. The actor is also set to play his own dad in Honey Boy, an upcoming movie loosely based on his life. Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges will star as a young LaBeouf in the film.

The movie will reportedly follow a former child star attempting to mend his relationship with his alcohol-abusing father, according to Variety.

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