Sneak Peek: Jennifer Aniston Plays a 'Therapist from Hell' in 'She's Funny That Way' – Watch!

Jennifer Aniston portrays a therapist in a troubled relationship in the upcoming comedy She's Funny That Way

Photo: Lionsgate Premiere

Jennifer Aniston portrays a therapist who needs some counseling of her own in the new comedy She’s Funny That Way.

“She is a therapist from hell,” director Peter Bogdanovich previously told PEOPLE about Aniston’s role in the film. “She is very funny because you know she’s not like that at all and she is kind of outrageous.”

For the movie, which also stars Owen Wilson, Kathryn Hahn and Imogen Poots, Aniston traded in her famously long blond hair for a brunette wig.

“I think people will be surprised by what an unusual role it is for her,” said Bogdanovich.

The movie follows the romantic escapades of a cast and crew of a Broadway production.

In a preview clip exclusive to PEOPLE, Aniston’s character, Jane, is talking with her boyfriend Joshua, played by Will Forte. They are soon interrupted when Joshua’s dad calls his cell phone, which he only answers to quickly say he’ll have to call him back.

“I cannot believe you are talking to your father. It’s like it’s Father’s Day with you every day. The guy calls you all the time,” says Jane. “It’s a little weird. Honestly, I’m getting fed up with it. In fact, I am fed up with it,” she tells him and then abruptly hails a cab, leaving some important items behind.

“Don’t you want your dog, your bags?” Joshua asks.

She’s Funny That Way hits theaters Aug. 21.

Reporting by LIZ MCNEIL

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