Sharon Stone Thinks It's Funny People 'Still Want to See My Boobs' at 62: 'Really?'

Sharon Stone is well aware of her sex symbol status

Sharon Stone in Town & Country
Photo: Michael Muller

Sharon Stone doesn't quite understand why she's still a sex symbol in her 60s.

The iconic actress covers the October issue of Town & Country where she opened up about the lasting effect of always being valued for her beauty in Hollywood.

“It’s difficult, because everybody expects you to be that all the time,” she said. “It was very difficult for Marilyn Monroe. She did movies that really mattered, like Bus Stop, The Misfits, but she still couldn’t get completely out of being that thing. It’s very hard to shake.”

But Stone always understood that her looks factored into her career, and she kept the power to make her own decisions.

“It’s called show business,” she says. “I believe that it’s a business really strongly. A lot of people don’t behave like that. They act like babies and think everybody’s supposed to take care of them, that you’re supposed to do whatever everybody tells you, that you can’t make any decisions.”

Still, it's funny that audiences still care about her beauty now that she's older.

“People still want to see my boobs. I’m 62! It’s like, ‘Really? Grow up!’ But also, 'Here’s some boobs!’” she joked.

Sharon Stone in Town & Country
Michael Muller

Stone also talked about her continued mission to make sure people wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stone recently documented as her sister Kelly became sick with the virus and was forced to recover in a solitary and barren room at a hospital.

“Simmer the f--- down and put on a mask!" Stone said in the cover story. "I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to be nice about this, but it’s starting to chap my a--. It’s hard not to take it personally.”

Last month, Stone shared a video of Kelly, who said that she was "gasping" for air.

"I beg you to know that this is real," Kelly said in the video. "I'm gasping for every breath with oxygen. Please do this for the people that you love — stand behind more tests, more masks, demanding everyone wear a mask. You never, ever want to feel like this. I promise you I only have love in my heart, it is breaking for people that can't breathe."

Kelly has since recovered and tested negative for the virus at the end of last month.

Stone next appears in the Netflix show Ratched, which premieres Sept. 18.

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