Seth Rogen's Mom Tweets About Her Sex Life Again — to the Delight of His Fans

"Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex don't have germs," Seth Rogen's mom Sandy tweeted

Seth Rogen‘s mom Sandy is at it again.

The funny man’s mom tweeted on Monday about her sex life, something her famous son has asked her to stop doing in the past. This time, Sandy seemed to involve Rogen’s dad as well in the revealing tweet.

“Husband has a cold. Husband says kisses during sex don’t have germs,” Sandy tweeted.

Ever helpful, fellow Twitter users tagged The Lion King star, 37, in the replies to make sure the actor caught the tweet.

“Dear Seth, Today is not the day to check in on Moms Twitter,” one user wrote, though they were nice enough to not tag him.

The tweet comes more than two years after Rogen called his mom out on Twitter after she wrote another joke about sex.

“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!” the Rogen family matriarch joked in July 2017.

“Jesus f—— Christ mom,” the actor responded, retweeting her original observation.

Even Rogen’s big sister Danya got in on the conservation, replying to Rogen’s tweet, “Seriously. I actually gagged,” along with the sick-face emoji.

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