Seth Rogen Wants His Mom to Stop Tweeting About Sex: 'Jesus F------ Christ Mom'

"Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!" Sandy Rogen shared with her nearly 40,000 followers.

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty; Sandy Rogen/Twitter

No one wants to hear their mom talk about sex — especially on social media.

Seth Rogen proved this theory applies to celebrities on Wednesday, when he expressed his exasperation over a steamy tweet his mom Sandy fired off earlier in the day.

“Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!” the Rogen family matriarch shared with her nearly 40,000 followers.

“Jesus f—— Christ mom,” the actor responded, retweeting her original observation.

Even Rogen’s big sister Danya got in on the conservation, replying to Rogen’s tweet, “Seriously. I actually gagged,” along with the sick-face emoji.

This isn’t the first time Sausage Party star’s mom has managed to embarrass him online. Back in January, Rogen tried poking fun at Sandy while she and his dad were vacationing in Paris, France.

“My husband needs peanut butter in Paris! Crazy life!” she tweeted without further explanation.

“For a billion dollars, I couldn’t tell you what this means,” he posted in response.

Just a few moments later, Sandy fired back with her own zinger: “If you would answer your phone you would know.”

And her interactions with Seth are just the tip of the iceberg in what has become a fan-favorite Twitter account. Between her typical mom confusion over how Twitter works, to her sense of humor (now we know where Seth gets it), Sandy’s social media presence rivals that of her famous offspring.

Here are some highlights:

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