Ouch! Seth Rogen Reveals James Franco 'Hit His Head on a Screw' While Making 'Pineapple Express'

On Monday, Rogen made a series of tweets revealing some amusing behind-the-scenes trivia about the action stoner comedy.

Pineapple Express
Photo: Dale Robinette/Columbia

It’s officially been 10 years since Dale Denton, Saul Silver, and Red took audiences on an action-brimmed adventure involving a murder, a sketchy cop, and a lot of marijuana in Pineapple Express—and Seth Rogen is here to remind us.

On Monday, the Knocked Up actor, 36, who wrote the screenplay and co-starred alongside close pal James Franco and Danny McBride, made a series of tweets revealing some amusing behind-the-scenes trivia about the action stoner comedy.

In one of the facts, Rogen outlines the real cause of his character’s dealer, Saul (James Franco), getting the iconic grey headband in the latter half of the movie. Though the film’s plot has Franco, 40, running into a tree as the two flee some disgruntled hitmen, The Disaster Artist star had actually injured his head on an on-set screw, subsequently needing stitches.

But Franco can rest easy knowing he wasn’t alone in suffering a serious wound while filming. In fact, two of his costars’ injuries can be attributed to one fan-favorite scene in particular: when the trio get embroiled in a high-stakes, improvised fight at Red (Mcbride)’s house. The results? A broken finger for Rogen, and a cracked skull for McBride.

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As for the casting, Rogen and Franco stayed true to their on-screen characters’ laid-back attitude, nonchalantly switching roles at Franco’s last-minute request.

Another on-the-go revision? Danny McBride’s herculean, outrageously prolonged lifespan. Though the Tropic Thunder star, 41, who plays Franco’s unreliable dealer, was shot multiple times, drove through a barn, and had his car explode, his persistent survival became one of the film’s most farcical concepts—and was incidentally not planned.

In another mind-whirling fact, pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, 39, who earlier this year rose to prominence alleging she was paid hush money to silence her 2006 affair with President Donald Trump, appears in a photograph with McBride—as his character’s ex-wife and former felon.

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