The two actors try to solve their love problems in this PEOPLE exclusive clip of their film Long Shot

By Alexia Fernandez
April 04, 2019 12:00 PM

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are trying to find love — but will they find it in each other?

In a PEOPLE exclusive clip of their upcoming film Long Shot, Theron and Rogen discuss their love woes as Charlotte Field and Fred Flarsky, respectively.

Fred is a gifted and free-spirited journalist who has a knack for getting into trouble. He unexpectedly runs into Charlotte, one of the most influential women in the world — who also just happened to be his former baby sitter and childhood crush. When Charlotte announces her candidacy for presidency she tries to hire Fred as her speechwriter — to interesting results.

In the scene, Fred curiously asks Charlotte if she dates to which she replies, “Yeah, I date,” although she admits it’s much more complicated than that.

“Generally, you know with people who have similar lifestyles to me, people who travel a lot,” she says. “It’s hard to keep those things alive. I mean, who wants to follow me around the world and hope I have five minutes to be affectionate?”

Not only is her schedule a hindrance, but her success also appears to get in the way, as well.

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen in the Long Shot
Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen

“And honestly, guys don’t really want to date women who are more powerful than them. They think they do but it’s a dick shriveler,” she says.

Fred jokingly says, “Dick shriveler is my favorite Batman villain though.”

Long Shot hits theaters on May 3.