"I'm going to see Amy today and going to run through stuff with her," Seth Meyers tells PEOPLE of Golden Globes host planning with Amy Poehler


Golden Globes host Seth Meyers is still putting the finishing touches on his opening monologue, but he has a secret weapon helping him out: his longtime friends and former Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

“I’m constantly talking to them,” Meyers told PEOPLE at the annual Golden Globes Award Show preview Thursday, where the Late Night host helped rollout the official red carpet at the show’s venue, the Beverly Hilton. “I’m going to see Amy today and going to run through stuff with her. She’s long been my spirit animal and continues to be to this day.”

Meyers, 44, teased that Poehler will definitely make an appearance during the 75th anniversary show, and that he plans to address sexual harassment in Hollywood with sincerity, but will also help celebrate his peers and all the high achievements in television and film over the past year.

Golden Globe Awards - Season 75
Seth Meyers
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“We’re very aware that as soon as I walk onstage people will be expecting [me to say] something,” Meyers said about setting the right tone and addressing some of the silent protests planned. “We’ll try to get through that on the early side of things and then move on to what the night is originally planned for, which is Hey, let’s celebrate good work. So we’ll see if we manage the tone right, but we’re having — I would say about 90 percent of our conversations are about that.”

Meyers says he plans to wear black in support of the women protesting sexual harassment, but does “not want credit for wearing a black tuxedo,” since it’s not too different from standard male formalwear. Instead he’s more interested in helping make sure his pregnant wife, Alexi Ashe, finds the perfect and most comfortable dress possible for the evening.

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“She’s pretty comfortable,” says Meyers. “She’ll know more today, we’re going to a fitting together but she’s excited. I’m really excited to have her here, it would be a weird year to not have her here, so I’m really thrilled.”

92Y Talks: Amy Poehler With Seth Meyers
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Meyers added that since the new baby will technically be in attendance on Sunday night, he’ll have automatic bragging rights over his older brother, Ashe, 22 months.

“We can tell him ‘You were at the Globes!” he said with a laugh. “The little brother will have something he can always hold over the big brother, because his big brother will not be at the Globes.”

The 2018 Golden Globes are set to air Sunday, January 7, on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PST.