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December 02, 2015 01:35 PM

Have you ever wished you could have all your burning questions answered to the strains of smooth jazz?

Well, Jimmy Fallon and Seth MacFarlane are here to grant your wish.

The Family Guy creator, 42, joined Fallon on The Tonight Show Tuesday to perform a fresh round of tunes for their duo, the Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers.

While sitting at dueling pianos, MacFarlane and Fallon answered some of the top curiosities posted to the Yahoo! Answers online forum. From what TGIF stands for to the proper way to spell Hanukkah, the duo serenaded the audience with knowledge.

“So what does the common acronym TGIF really mean?” Fallon asked in song.

“The goat is fed,” MacFarlane crooned.

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“And how does one properly spell the Jewish holiday Chanukah?” Fallon sang inquiringly.

“Chaka Khan,” replied MacFarlane, who released a more straightforward collection of jazz stands, Music Is Better Than Words, in 2011.

With Christmas right around the corner, some Yahoo! users had a few holiday-themed inquiries – and a few answers might have landed users on the naughty list.

For instance?

“How does Santa really know when I’m sleeping?”

“The same way peeping Toms know,” MacFarlane crooned. “He looks in your window. But when Santa does it, it’s not weird.”

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