Selma Blair was spotted out with boyfriend David Price wearing a tiny fake hand

By Ale Russian
November 28, 2018 02:12 PM

Watch out, Kristen Wiig!

Selma Blair channeled one of Wiig’s famous Saturday Night Live characters when she was spotted out with boyfriend David Price wearing a tiny fake hand as she looped her left arm with Price’s. The actress seemed to be having a lot of fun as they two strolled with their dog and laughed.

The actress, 46, later posted a selfie on her Instagram showing off the tiny hand, revealing that she was wearing it to pick up her 7-year-old son Arthur Saint Bleick.

“Just the usuals going’s ons,” Blair wrote. “Waiting to give my son a hand after school.”

The silly post comes a few days after Blair got personal on Thanksgiving about her “grieving” process after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year.

“Thanksgiving is dwindling down for me. I stayed home. It was the right place for me today. And tears came,” the actress wrote on Instagram. “I have been grieving recently. For the things I took for granted.”

Blair said she would do previously-easy tricks to amuse her son Arthur.

“I was the most gymnastic mom I knew,” she said. “A cartwheel was just as easy as taking a breath. But when I began to turn one yesterday on an impulse to show my son who had forgotten, it went all wrong. A jumble of confusion for this body I knew so well. A heap. A heap on the ground. And I tried to laugh. As did my son. But it was a turning point. Part of the grim realization. Is this just #ms or is this still an exacerbation ? Five months and still same way. Or is this my new normal? And then more gets taken away.”

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Blair first revealed that she has MS on Oct. 20, two months after learning the news from her doctor.

“I am in the thick of it but I hope to give some hope to others. And even to myself. You can’t get help unless you ask,” she wrote. “I have had symptoms for years but was never taken seriously until I fell down in front of him trying to sort out what I thought was a pinched nerve. I have probably had this incurable disease for 15 years at least. And I am relieved to at least know. And share.”