Selma Blair Addresses Recent Alleged Assault by Her Ex: 'It Was the Most Shocking Thing'

The actress looks forward to putting the horrific incident behind her

Selma Blair details her decades-long alcohol addiction and alleged sexual assault in her powerful new memoir Mean Baby. The actress, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018, had good reason to think that she'd endured the most challenging moments of her life.

Unfortunately in February, a now ex-boyfriend allegedly attacked her at her home and landed her in the hospital. (He was arrested on a felony charge of domestic violence with corporal injuries. A 5-day protective order obtained by the LAPD was placed against him, per court documents obtained by PEOPLE. He later filed for his own restraining order, which was denied.)

"It was the most shocking thing," says Blair, 49. "After I'd finished the book, I honestly thought, 'Well, that's the dramatic portion of my life. That's done.' He was charged with a felony. I look forward to it being behind me."

In March, a judge granted the actress a restraining order against the former boyfriend, whom she dated for roughly seven years.

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With the release of her new memoir on the horizon, as well as celebrating her 50th birthday in June, Blair's focus is on the positive and what her future holds.

"I'm in a good place," says the Cruel Intentions star. "I cannot believe all this happened in my life, and I'm still here and I'm okay."

Blair has never shied away from sharing her personal highs and lows, particularly in the wake of her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis — but with Mean Baby, she reveals several painful and shocking memories from her past including alcoholism beginning in childhood and past sexual assault.

"It's a lot, she admits. "I wrote the book for my son . . . and for people trying to find the deepest hole to crawl into until the pain passes."

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Selma Blair Rollout
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In this week's PEOPLE cover story, the actress opens up about her addiction and why it began at such a young age.

"I don't know if I would've survived childhood without alcoholism," she says. "That's why it's such a problem for a lot of people. It really is a huge comfort, a huge relief in the beginning. Maybe even the first few years for me because I did start really young with that as a comfort, as my coping mechanism."

Sober since 2016, Blair hopes that sharing her journey and the more shocking events from her past will help those living with similar burdens.

"I feel much more secure in my life," she says. "As long as my son is okay, and I don't have an immediate death sentence or am in immediate peril, then I could probably handle anything."

Mean Baby is available May 17.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or go to

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