The Birthday Cake, which also stars Shiloh Fernandez, Lorraine Bracco and Ewan McGregor, debuts in theaters and on demand June 18

By Ale Russian
May 27, 2021 11:04 AM

Mob blood runs deep in the new movie, The Birthday Cake.

The crime drama catches up with the modern-day Brooklyn mob as the son of a murdered mobster tries to carry on a family tradition honoring his late dad.

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the trailer for the star-packed film.

The official logline for The Birthday Cake says it takes place during "one fateful evening in the life of Gio (Shiloh Fernandez), the son of a murdered mobster and the nephew of Brooklyn mob boss, Angelo (Val Kilmer)."

While Gio tries to take his mom's birthday cake to his uncle's house, he runs into everyone from FBI informants to other mobsters as he tries in vain to avoid the violence that has surrounded him his whole life. Along the way, Gio begins to piece together what really happened to his dad 10 years earlier.

The movie notably stars Lorraine Bracco as Gio's mom and Vincent Pastore as a member of Kilmer's mob, two actors who starred in the iconic mob series The Sopranos.

Val Kilmer and Ewan McGregor Star in Mob Drama The Birthday Cake with Sopranos Stars
Credit: Courtesy Screen Media

According to director Jimmy Giannopoulos, his directorial debut is a look into the modern mob.

"We all grew up loving New York mob movies," Giannopoulos previously told Variety. "It had been a while since anyone had made one, so we decided to explore the mob today. Where they currently stand. Dealing with gentrification, weakening power, rival gangs, the realities of the Feds knocking them off. But we wanted to combine their traditional world with modern day Brooklyn. A very different world from their glory days. We experience the ride all through the eyes of the son of a gangster who has avoided their world his entire life. But his past comes back to haunt him, and we join him for a night of chaos."

Screen Media will open The Birthday Cake — also starring Ewan McGregor, William Fichtner, Ashley Benson, Aldis Hodge, Penn Badgley, Luis Guzmán, Jeremy Allen White and Emory Cohen — in theaters and on demand on June 18.