See Matt Damon Shoot an Intense Rooftop Scene for Latest 'Bourne' Film (PHOTOS)

Matt Damon dangles a suspect off a rooftop ledge while filming the latest Bourne film

Photo: Splash News

Looks like Jason Bourne is as badass as ever.

Matt Damon is up to his old tricks while filming an intense rooftop interrogation scene on set of his latest film in the Bourne series.

After taking a one-film hiatus from the franchise, Damon is once again starring as the iconic amnesiac assassin, taking back the reigns from Jeremy Renner, who filled in as the lead in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy, portraying Aaron Cross.

Damon was spotted on the set of the fifth and untitled installment, conducting a rooftop interrogation of an unknown potential bad guy. Wearing a brown leather jacket and sporting a black eye, Damon was seen threatening his suspect with a toss off the ledge.

The Martian actor initially said he was done with the acclaimed franchise after finishing The Bourne Ultimatum, telling Collider in 2007, “For me I kind of feel like the story that we set out to tell has now been told.”

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But with series director Paul Greengrass back in the mix, and a fresh plot reportedly revolving around what Damon calls a “post-Snowden” world, he’s decided to get back in action as the super spy.

Judging from the first pictures from set – Tweeted in September by producer Frank Marshall – Damon is ripped and ready to go.

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