Primetime Thriller: See Julia Roberts and George Clooney as Hostages on Live Television in Exclusive 'Money Monster' Poster

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are held hostage while their show is on-air in Money Monster

Photo: Courtesy Sony Pictures

With fear in her eyes, Julia Roberts bravely stands by George Clooney during an on-air hostage situation in the upcoming Money Monster.

In character as producer Patty Fenn on an exclusive poster from the thriller, Roberts looks poised amid a tense standoff between TV financial host, the “Wizard of Wall Street” Lee Gates (Clooney), and a rogue gunman (Jack O’Connell) who lost his savings due to a bad stock tip.

On another poster, Clooney wears a similarly tense expression while donning the explosives-laced vest he’s forced to put on in the film’s trailer.

In Money Monster, directed by Oscar winner Jodie Foster, Roberts and Clooney’s characters help negotiate the intensifying situation while millions watch, digging deep to discover the truth behind a global conspiracy.

The film also stars The Affair‘s Dominic West, Caitriona Balfe and Giancarlo Esposito.

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Money Monster hits theaters on May 13.

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