The upcoming thriller deals with an unsolved murder and a shocking, unspeakable secret

By Tim Nudd
Updated July 15, 2015 10:00 AM

Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts usually have a twinkle in their eye on movie posters – but not in these creepy one-sheets for the upcoming thriller Secret in Their Eyes.

The Oscar winners’ eyes are completely obscured by black bands containing the movie title, as are Chiwetel Ejiofor’s on a third poster. The ads feature three different slogans, too: “Don’t look away,” “Don’t look back” and “Don’t look closer.”

They serve as suitably chilling teasers for what promises to be an unnerving tale about an FBI agent (Roberts) whose daughter is murdered by an assailant who may have slipped through the bureau’s fingers. A colleague, Ray (Ejiofor), embarks on a desperate search to track down the killer 13 years later, only to stumble on a shocking, unspeakable secret, while their supervisor, Claire (Kidman), tries to keep the detectives on the right side of the law.

Secret in Their Eyes is based on an Eduardo Sacheri novel that was adapted into a movie once before – in what became the Best Foreign Film Oscar winner from Argentina in 2009. Billy Ray, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Captain Phillips and The Hunger Games, is directing the new version.

The movie hits theaters Oct. 23.