Almost Love will hit theaters April 3

How do you know when the person you’re with is the one?

That’s what three friends in New York City are struggling with in Almost Love, a romantic comedy following three very different relationships at a crossroads — and PEOPLE has an exclusive look at the first trailer. The film marks the directorial debut of actor Mike Doyle.

How do you know who’s right for you? How do you know who’s not? How do you know when to stay together?

The first question applies to Scott Evans (Chris Evans‘ younger brother) and Augustus Prew, whose characters have been together for five years and are hitting a rough spot as Prew’s Marklin has become a successful influencer. They’re still not married and don’t have kids, leaving them to wonder if there’s a future for them.

“The constant interruptions when we’re home, when we’re out. You documenting every single moment,” Evans’ Adam says to Marklin.

“This is work, it’s my job,” Marklin counters.

“I just wish we could go back to the way things were. Simpler,” Adam replies. “Was it?” Marklin asks.

Almost Love
Scott Evans
| Credit: Vertical Entertainment

The other two relationships feature Zoe Chao and Michelle Buteau stuck dating two men who are not the right fit.

While Chao’s Hayley is dating a teenager (Christopher Gray) who is obsessed with her, Buteau’s Cammy just found out her boyfriend Henry (Colin Donnell) is actually homeless.

The movie also stars Kate Walsh as Adam’s best friend Elizabeth and Patricia Clarkson as Ravella Brewer, an artist who uses Adam as a ghostpainter without ever giving him credit for his work.

Almost Love will hit U.S. theaters April 3. It will also release in the UK on March 1st under the international title Sell By.