Scott Eastwood said he's "had a lot of sex" and called himself as "a giver" in bed on his podcast

By Emily Zauzmer
August 23, 2018 02:44 PM
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Scott Eastwood is getting candid about his sex life.

In a new episode of his podcast Live Life Better, Eastwood, 32, admitted he is “having sex, lots of it” while he’s “single and dating.” The actor also said that he’s “had a lot of sex” and called himself as “a giver” in bed.

When Eastwood’s guest — sex and relationship expert Emily Morse, 48 — asked whether he is having sex with one person or multiple people, Eastwood replied, “It depends on when you ask me.”

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Eastwood — the son of Clint Eastwood, 88 — also opened up about past relationships. “I remember in early-on relationships — when I was in my early, early 20s — I felt more sexually advanced than some of the people I was with,” he said. “So then trying to reverse-engineer to grow with them, it can be tough.”

Eastwood, who labeled sex “the most natural thing we as human beings do,” had a message for his listeners: “Sex is healthy, people. Don’t shame it. Embrace it. Embrace it. Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about everything sex. How to have healthy sex. How to have some not-so-healthy sex. Dirty sex. More sex. Everyone should be having sex with themselves or with someone else.”

Eastwood also discussed s–t shaming and stood up for women who enjoy sex.

“I think there’s a shaming thing too with women, which really sucks, where they use these terrible words like ‘w—e’ and ‘s–t,’ ” he said. “And instead of embracing sexual culture, women put each other down. And it’s like, why the f—k would you call them that? Just because they f—ked somebody?”

He added, “Don’t do that — you’re bringing down the culture.”

Scott Eastwood
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In June, Eastwood — who was linked to model Charlotte McKinney, 25, in the pasttold PEOPLE that he thinks about parenthood more often these days since his sister Francesca Eastwood, 25, is expecting her first child.

“My younger sister is pregnant and having a child in October,” he said. “I do think about that a lot more now.”

“I think about how I am going to be as a father figure, as a mentor — how am I going to be?” Eastwood continued. “How am I going to present myself as someone that this kid might look up to?”