Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
September 15, 2016 12:00 PM

It’s all in the smolder.

Scott Eastwood and Jimmy Kimmel both appeared as guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, where DeGeneres thought it might be fun to have the two men play a game of ‘Who’d You Rather.’ But instead of having Eastwood and Kimmel make the selections, the host took them on a tour of the Warner Bros. lot and pitted the two men against one another to determine who was the most desirable.

The game kicked off with an entire tour group unanimously voting for Eastwood over Kimmel.

“How do you feel?” DeGeneres asked Kimmel, 48, when he lost.

“I feel great,” Kimmel replied. “It’s a real picker-upper.”

Next up: a woman in a cubicle chose the “one in the blue shirt,” indicating she’d rather be with Eastwood.

After DeGeneres suggested Eastwood, 30, spoon with the woman (to which he said he likes “to be the little spoon”), Kimmel found himself feeling a little left out.

“Anyone need a fork?” he quipped.

As the group traveled around the office, the Suicide Squad actor continued to receive the overwhelming vote.

“Jimmy, if you saw his eyes, you should see what he’s doing. He’s actually trying,” said DeGeneres.

“Smoldering, are you smoldering?” Kimmel responded as he tried, but failed, to imitate Eastwood.

“You sort of lean into it, Jimmy,” Eastwood offered as advice.

“Sorry my father isn’t Clint Eastwood,” Kimmel joked when he failed to master the sexy look.

Watch the hilarious video above to see if Kimmel managed to win anyone over.

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