"Dating wouldn't be the right word for their current status," a source tells PEOPLE

By Mike Miller
September 07, 2017 09:02 AM

Despite a reported hookup over Labor Day weekend with Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson’s relationship status with her lawyer Kevin Yorn remains complicated.

On Saturday, the actress and Saturday Night Live star were reportedly seen kissing in the rain at a star-studded party in East Hampton, according to Page Six.

But Johansson, 32, has also recently been linked to Yorn, her high-profile lawyer, whom she was first photographed holding hands with during a romantic stroll in New York City in June.

Although they are “both openly dating people,” a source tells PEOPLE, “the feelings haven’t fizzled” between them. But ultimately, the source says, “[Yorn’s] not ‘the one’ for her or anything like that. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company and that will never change.”

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Adds the source, “They’re still seeing each other but are busy and have a lot of commitments, so when they get moments of time, that’s when they make the effort to see each other outside of their work exchanges.”


The actress and lawyer’s “relationship is complex and goes far back,” explains the source, adding, “They’ve been friends outside of working together, but there’s always been more to the equation.”

While the duo have been spotted looking cozy in the past, the source notes that their relationship has “only progressed to where it has in the last year.”

Things may have heated up of late, but the source says, “Dating wouldn’t be the right word for their current status.” For his part, Yorn has been “very quiet about it among friends and colleagues because of how it may appear on the outside.”