Scarlett Johansson and Lawyer Kevin Yorn Are 'On and Off All the Time,' Says a Source

"They both understand the realities of the situation," says a source

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Scarlett Johansson has rekindled her romance with Colin Jost after the two were spotted out together in the Hamptons on Friday.

So where does that leave the actress’ relationship with her high-profile entertainment lawyer, Kevin Yorn?

“They’re on and off all the time. It’s been that way since day one,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Johansson and Yorn were first photographed holding hands during a romantic stroll in New York City in June.

“They both understand the realities of the situation,” adds the source. “Their relationship is definitely of the 21st-century kind. It’s good for them and that’s all that matters.”

And while they may not be serious, the two still enjoy spending time with each another.

“Kevin and Scarlett are by no means headed for the aisle but they have a lot of fun when they’re together,” says the source. “They’ve known each other for forever. He’s a fun intellectual and she clearly loves that about him.”

As for the actress spending time with Jost again, the source says Yorn likely isn’t jealous.

“He’s the kind of guy who would step aside if Scarlett found a serious kind of love again. He’d want her to be happy and find a partner if that’s what she ultimately wanted.”

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Before dating Yorn, Johansson and Jost were seen kissing in May at Saturday Night Live‘s season finale afterparty, Page Six reported.

The stars were later spotted dining together at The East Pole restaurant in New York City.

On Friday, the two were spotted getting cozy on a love seat while out to dinner at the Huntting Inn’s Palm restaurant in East Hampton, New York. The Saturday Night Live star had celebrated his 35th birthday the day before.

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