First Look! Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon Have One Epic Bachelorette Party in 'Rough Night'

Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon are ready for a wild weekend in this exclusive first look

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Girls just wanna have fun!

Scarlett Johansson leads the cast of Rough Night — an R-rated comedy about a bachelorette party gone way wrong — and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the film above, due in theaters June 16.

Joined by Zoë Kravitz, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer and Kate McKinnon, Johansson confidently struts ahead of the group wearing a sash that marks her as the “bride to be” while the rest wear one that says “friend of the bride.” The ladies all seem excited for the epic night to come as McKinnon pushes a suitcase printed with international flags.

The stars play five best friends from college who reunite in Miami 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend. But when the partying ends up taking a dark turn and they accidentally kill a male stripper, the longtime friends are forced to put their heads together and cover up the accident.

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“It’s hilarious,” McKinnon tells PEOPLE of the script, penned by Broad City‘s Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello. (Colton Haynes, Demi Moore and Ty Burrell round out the film’s cast.)

Check out film’s trailer below (warning: contains lots of NSFW language):

McKinnon also dishes on her costars — take a look at their individual posters, which contain clues about their characters):

Scarlett Johansson

Art Streiber

“Scarlett Johansson is a great actress — really funny,” McKinnon says. “She improvises really funny stuff and it’s really rare to find the two rolled into one. And it’s such a cool thing to watch her just work. I sort of just sit there and go, ‘Wow, look at that.’ ”

Zoë Kravitz

Art Streiber

“Zoë Kravitz is a great lady. Blair is so uptight and Zoë is so cool in real life,” McKinnon reveals. “I think that her coolness in real life is adding another dimension to this character and it’s really cool to watch.”

Ilana Glazer

Art Streiber

“Ilana Glazer is what we call a spitfire,” McKinnon says. “You give her something to do and she just — it snaps, it crackles, it pops. She makes everything so much her own and she’s such a cool character in real life. I’ve known her for so long and she just always brings all of herself to it. And she’s so magnetic to watch.”

Jillian Bell

Art Streiber

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a funnier person,” McKinnon admits. “Jillian Bell is just improvising the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard. And she brings an absolute manic sincerity and devotion to this character that is so grounded and believable.”

Kate McKinnon

Art Streiber

McKinnon’s character, meanwhile, is labeled the “party down under” with a jar of Vegemite sticking out of it.

Check out the film’s trailer above!

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