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Scarlett Johansson has been wishing upon a star for a chance to play a Disney princess.

The Captain America: Civil War star recently spoke with The New York Times’ Turning Points magazine, and was asked what experiences she hopes to create for her daughter onscreen.

“My daughter is still young,” said the actress. “Right now I think we both share the dream that I will someday be a Disney princess, but it’s probably not going to happen. I’ve been asking for that job for the past 20 years, and nobody has booked me.”

Johansson and her husband, journalist Romain Dauriac, welcomed their first child, Rose Dorothy, in September 2014.

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The actress also spoke about how film sets have become more gender-inclusive since she began her career as a child actress. “We see more female directors, more women in various departments on set,” she told the magazine.

“If you looked around a film set even 10 years ago, it was basically a bunch of dudes; maybe in the wardrobe department or in the hair and makeup department there would be women,” she added. “Now you see more female camera assistants, cinematographers, grips.”

The added diversity on set, Johansson said, creates a better working experience for everyone. “It’s nice to have a diverse group of people so that it doesn’t become so one-note — to have a female energy on set, to have different types of people and different vibes, and a more balanced creative environment,” she explained.