"I just don't have a clue," Sarah Jessica Parker said about the possibilities of Sex and the City 3
New York Women in Film and Television's 39th Annual Muse Awards, New York, USA - 13 Dec 2018
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Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t thinking about a third Sex and the City movie.

“It’s not something we are talking about right now. I just don’t have a clue,” the actress told Variety on Thursday at the New York Women in Film & Television’s Muse Awards gala luncheon.

Though fans have been begging for a new installment in the SATC franchise, Parker isn’t the only one not looking to relive her Carrie Bradshaw days.

Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) have all spoken out about the unlikely possibilities of another movie while Kim Cattrall (Samantha Jones) openly refused to have any part of a sequel.

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“It is true that we are not going to be able to make a [third] film,” Davis wrote on Instagram in September. “I wish that we could have made the final chapter, on our own terms, to complete the stories of our characters. It is deeply frustrating not to able to share that chapter (beautifully written by [Sex and the City creator Michael Patrick King]) with all of you. So we will just have our memories.”

With the third movie likely off the table, Nixon focused on a transition from actress to politician when she made her gubernatorial bid in March. Six months later, Nixon fell to incumbent Andrew Cuomo in November’s Democratic primary.

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Parker previously said there’s no feud between SATC costars, specifically her and Cattrall.

“I never talked about it, except [to say] that some of us were disappointed [about the movie not happening],” she said. “We had this experience and it was amazing, and nothing will ever be like it. We had a connection with an audience, and we had a connection with the city and with this crew, and we got to tell these crazy stories with each other. So I don’t want to mess with that. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that part.”

Also in November, Parker told PEOPLE that she avoids watching reruns of SATC on TV.

“I watch tons of TV, but I never watch anything I’m in,” Parker said. “I mean, I pass by them, but I never, ever, ever watch.”